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Ramjet conversion part numbers
Thursday, September 24, 2020
  These parts are for use with the Ramjet intake which fits vortec, fastburn, and e-tech style heads.

Here are the part numbers:
-12489371 Ram-Jet Manifold
-10128305 Splash Shield
-11514149 Bolt (4)
-12529094 Vortec Intake Gasket
-12550027 Intake Bolt (8)
-14082470 Vacuum Fitting
-11516425 TB Bolt
-25095452 PCV Valve
-12556930 PCV Hose
-336018 PCV Connector
-12146312 Coolant Temp Sensor

-17113520 Ram-Jet T-Body
-12551240 TB Gasket
-17123852 Throttle Position Sensor
-17113209 IAC Valve
-17082049 IAC Seal
-17113168 IAC Bolt/Screw Kit

-12553918 Fuel Rail Assy
-11516061 Fuel Rail Bolts (4)
-17123897 Fuel Pressure Regulator
-9439930 FPR Bolt
-12557247 FPR Hose
-12489599 Fuel Line Connector
-12489600 Fuel Line Connector Seal

You could buy the TB used which will include the TPS & IAC valve. I believe the ramjet, vortec, and LS1 engines all have the same TB and sensors, but I’m not 100% sure.

You can also use fuel rails from Street & Performance (www.tunedport.com).

The FPR is the same as all LT1s (Aeromotive).

There’s also an issue with the throttle cable brackets and cables since they’re on the passenger side of the motor. You can make your own from a 4 cylinder 3rd gen or LS1 cable because they are longer than cables on L98s. Street & Performance might also have something to fix this.

Hood clearance issues are the same as the HSR. Stock hooded birds may need to modify their hood braces.


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