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Monday, May 23, 2022

Hello to all,

This site, as you can well imagine is totally dedicated to our slightly adolescent tendencies, i.e. taking things apart, breaking stuff, and in general making a nuisance of ourselves around the house.

All this of course in the pursuit of more horsepower, better traction, more horsepower, better frame rigidity, more horsepower, better traction, more horsepower, better electronic controls, more horsepower…

It seems that it never ends; too bad we can’t say the same about the money. Mind you, along the way we have learned a few things, and also accumulated a few parts. We plan to post on this site some of the results we have gathered, and what we surmise they mean.

Also, we hope to establish a catalog where we can sell some of the parts that we are no longer in need of, so that we may buy the parts that we are in need of.

More than that though, what we hope this site will become, is a place where we can post our successes and failures, a place where we can reason out why things happen, explore cause and effect, and maybe by writing things down we will better understand what happened. Many times amongst ourselves we have different takes on the same situation, and it’s always nice when it’s your turn to say ‘I told you so’, but it is even better when the car agrees, regardless of who is right.

I guess really, what we’re trying to do, is put a Pontiac with the ‘right stuff’ on the track.

The HOB Racing Team


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